5 Tumblr Widgets For a Great Blog

| Posted by James Morgan
Tumblr is a free and professional blog platform which allows for customization and additions with widgets.  Widgets are a great way to enhance your Tumblr blog with something useful or fun. Why not engage your readers with some social media tools or a few of your favorite Flickr pics?
  1. Skype Button  Lets your users easily contact you with this skype widget.  Your readers can even see your status or wether or not you're online.
  2. Hello Bar - Direct your visitors to a certain page or your most important content.  This toolbar widget will be displayed on the very top of your blog.
  3. Flickr Badge - Make your blog personal by displaying some of your own flickr pictures with this tumblr widget.
  4. Google+ Profile Widget - Let your readers view your Google Plus profile and add you into their circles.
  5. Meebo Bar - Engage your audience with social media options at the bottom of your site.


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